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Investing in Vacant Land

Palm Trees

There are many benefits to being a vacant landowner and we have properties that provide the benefits that drive your passion.


Inflation Hedge

The U.S. national debt keeps rising, and its rating has been downgraded.  Protect yourself with land! 

It’s a Limited Resource

Nobody is making any more land, there’s a finite amount on earth.  The supply of vacant land is fixed, or even declining over time, while population and demand continue to grow.  



Unlike financial investments like stock, vacant land values do not fluctuate rapidly over short time periods.

Portfolio Diversification

Allocating a portion of your assets to land can reduce overall risk. 

A Lifestyle Vacation Spot

Vacant land can be used as a remote ranch or campsite.


What you don’t see on vacant land are buildings. No one lives there.  There are no leaky roofs, clogged drains or anything to repair.  

Low Cost

Take your pick of parcels in the size and location that appeal to you and work with your budget.

Long Term Gains - Buy and Hold Strategy

If you get a good deal on land now and hold it for twenty years, you can sell and walk away with a profit later.  (Of course, there are no guarantees.)

Carrying Costs can be Minimal or Non-Existent

You can lease the property while holding it for eventual sale. Vacant land is attractive for persons or entities that have a need or desire to use it. A group may want to use it as a seasonal hunting ground. A mining company that owns the mineral rights will pay for use of the surface for the duration of the mining period. Or it can be leased as grazing land. 


Sell the Unseen Part of Your Land

If you buy land and own its valuable natural resources or minerals, you can sell that bundle while retaining the surface, possibly recouping your entire initial investment. 


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