Navajo County

Navajo County, a land of diverse and beautiful landscapes. It is a land filled with ancient history
and a promising future. Navajo County is located in northeastern Arizona and is home to places such as: Monument Valley, The Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Homolovi Ruins, and Apache - Sitgreaves National Forest with its, and numerous lakes, streams, forested areas, and beautiful vistas.

Apache County

Apache County, is a land of contrasts, From the blue spruce and aspen-covered mountains near Alpine and Nutrioso, to Greer with the clear, cold waters of the Little Colorado River flowing northward to St. Johns. It's a varied landscape of  mesas, cliffs, huge open valleys, and hidden canyons.

Mohave County

Mohave County consists of two sections that are divided by the Grand Canyon. The northern section, which is smaller and less populated, forms the western part of the Arizona Strip, bordering Utah and Nevada. The larger southern section borders Nevada and California, with the Colorado River, formings most of the counties western boundary. The southern section includes Kingman, the county seat, and lake Havasu City, as well as part of the Mojave Desert.

Coconino County

Coconino County, is home to the mountain city of  Flagstaff, and the stunning Sam Francisco Peaks. . It's the second largest county in the US in terms of its geographic area. Coconino County contains Grand Canyon National Park, the Havasupai Nation, and parts of the Navajo Nation, Hualapai Nation, and Hopi Nation.