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Enjoy the natural Ozark beauty in the rugged hill country of Izard County, in north central Arkansas, offers. The White River forms the southwestern border and provides recreation and fishing. A world-famous trout fishing river, the White, brings cold water from the depths of Bull Shoals and Norfork lakes, gradually warming near Batesville. The Strawberry River is a good stream for floaters and on this river is located the city of Horseshoe Bend. Two highways, No. 9 and No. 58, offer scenic beauty. The quaint town of Calico Rock sits on the bluffs above the White River and offers small-town charm.

This buildable lot is located in the city of Horseshoe Bend, a resort retirement community featuring lakes, golf course, health spa, tennis facilities, and a shopping center. Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, on the Strawberry River, Horseshoe Bend is easily accessible to Arkansas' most scenic highways.

Arkansas has a moderate climate with four seasons. With thousands of miles of streams and nearly a thousand square miles of lakes, Arkansas is a freshwater fisherman’s dream. If you’re not into fishing, Arkansas has an abundance of deer, bears and elk for hunting. Bordering five states with distinctive geography, Arkansas has both highlands to the northwest and lowlands to the southeast. The highlands are home to the Ozark Mountains, with scenic views and a wide array of plants and wildlife. The lowlands are part of the Gulf Coastal Plain, shared with its neighbor Louisiana, and features bayous and marsh wetlands.


Van Buren County is naturally blessed with an idyllic medley of rolling highlands, lake & riverfront shores, and the beautifully forested lands of the Ozark Plateau.  Experience the unique beauty of the Ozark Mountain, with its waterfalls, natural bridges, and underground caverns. Here, the city-weary can savor the fresh mountain air and unwind by exploring quaint shops and delightful restaurants.


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