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Online Auctions & Terms

At any given moment, we are running a live, online auction. Land of Land auctions are conducted on several web-based auctions sites.


It is important to understand all bidder responsibilities governing each auction. Complete terms and conditions are readily available on each auction site and should be understood before participating.

General Overview of Auction Terms & Conditions

This Is only a general overview and does not substitute for thorough reading, and legal advice, to be fully aware of your responsibilities when you place bids at auctions. The terms and conditions protect the integrity of the auction process. Placing a bid and “winning” a parcel deprives others from doing so, so there are consequences for failure to comply with purchase terms.


  1. Total amount due will be the final "hammer" price plus total auction premium plus a documentation/processing fee per auction lot won. 

  2. Payment due in full within two business days from conclusion of auction. Wire transfer is the preferred method of payment.  A 3% charge may be assessed for any PayPal or credit card transactions. 

  3. Unless otherwise specified, taxes or fees which may be owed on any property in the auction are the responsibility of the buyer. 

  4. All properties are sold in "as is" condition. 

  5. Should you become a winning bidder and fail to consummate the transaction(s) in the stipulated timeframe, you must pay a 1/3 relisting fee to be released from your obligation to purchase.  

  6. Registered bidders expressly agree to be held responsible for anyone bidding through the buyer's auction account, whether or not authorized. 

  7. An auction lot that calls for financing will require the bidder to enter into a Contract For Deed agreement, acceptable to both parties.  

  8. Each Bidder agrees to NOT, under any circumstances, to initiate a credit card chargeback with respect to any charges, or face adverse financial consequences. 


 When in doubt, call or email us!

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