Land Conveyancing

We charge low documentation fees to process each purchase and handle the transfer of ownership via recorded deed.  In many counties, the land transfer process can be accomplished electronically while others require hard copy paperwork. In either event, Land of Land takes care of every step in the process.


Our documentation fees do not include title insurance. Typically, owners of vacant land do not want to incur title insurance expenses, although buyers certainly may do so after purchase at their own expense.


Today the process of transferring property can be accomplished remotely with no need for the buyer and seller to meet at the property, but it was not always this way. Land transfer by written deed is a relatively recent method. Like many aspects of law in the US, the system of land transfer was derived from practices in England many centuries prior to the American Revolution. 


Back in medieval England, the conveyance of land happened through the symbolic transfer of a twig, or turf from the land. The process was called “livery of seisin”, meaning "transfer of possession”. 

A livery of seisin was sometimes accompanied by a deed or other writing; however, it was merely evidence that a transfer had taken place.  


Eventually, the writing itself transferred the property. But it wasn’t until 1925 that the ceremony was abolished in England.