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Live in a beautiful community in Wadena, the county seat of Wadena County in central Minnesota! Rejoice in the friendly atmosphere of residents who treat others as friends, and who believe that a community worth living in is a community worth improving.
This lot is located next to the Leaf River Recreation Trail and Union Creek. There are plenty of nearby parks and other recreational activities to do in Wadena, Minnesota.

Wadena has an abundance of parks with varied recreation experiences that inspire people to pass along the love for the outdoors to the next generation. Wadena is known as the City of Parks, and maintains many acres of beautiful parks and picnic areas.

Annual events include Wadena’s signature summer celebration June Jubilee, the unique Halloween-season Wadena Zombie Run, and the long-running annual holiday showcase, the Christmas Festival!

The City of Wadena Public Works Department maintains publicly-owned places and facilities that offer many ways to enjoy an active life in Wadena. This includes over a dozen parks and open spaces, pedestrian and bicycle paths and paved trails.

With over 100 hand-painted murals decorating downtown buildings, Wadena depicts 1,000 years of Minnesota history known as the "Largest Puzzle in the World".

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