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Churchill County is a rural Nevada community which offers residents and visitors excellent outdoor recreation including fishing, hunting, camping, boating and world-renown wildlife viewing. Just an hour’s drive offers access to the hub of state government in Carson City as well as the business and recreational opportunities in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area.

Located in the City of Fallon and Churchill County, a wide variety of community facilities such as the William N. Pennington Life Center, a remodeled library, a regional museum, a sports complex and fairgrounds, and a new youth center under construction all add to a sense of belonging for individuals and families alike in our hometown atmosphere. 

The Fallon Nevada Naval base is located southeast of the city of Fallon in western Nevada. ... Since 1996, it has been home to the Naval Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) taking over from the former NAS Miramar, California, and the surrounding area contains 240,000 acres (97,000 ha) of bombing and electronic warfare ranges.

Elko County, in northeast Nevada, brings the drama of the high desert into vivid reality with its unspoiled nature, breathtaking vistas, and its rich western history.  View the towering, snow-capped Ruby Mountains, often called the Alps of Nevada, and the lush, glacier-carved Lamoille Canyon. Enjoy trips up Lamoille Canyon, boating or bird-watching at the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, down-and-dirty ATVing, out-of-this-world heli-skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, backpacking, or hiking the rocky trails.  

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Humboldt County is located in the rugged high desert region of north-central Nevada, bordered on the north by Oregon. The County offers some of the most varied, spectacular scenery and a wide array of recreational opportunities.

The County's economy is derived in large part from mining, agriculture and tourism.  It is located in the rich gold mining center of the Western US.   A large number of visitors are attracted by the gaming industry and are drawn by the beautiful wide open spaces, historical sites, and great hunting and fishing.

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